Quinta da Capela

Covelinhas 5050-012, Portugal

6 Beds

6 Baths

Living Area: 6,889 sq. ft.

Lot Size: 39.54 ac.

Built in 1950

Status: For Sale


Located in the International Douro wine region, integrated in the Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC), this 16-hectare vineyard property with stunning views over the Douro River, is located on the right bank of the Douro River between Régua and Pinhão, in schist hills, in the center of the region of the geographical designation of origin of Port wine.


The combination of vineyards, olive trees, and tourist activities makes this development more versatile and sustainable and is also highlighted for its potential and promising economic activities, highlighting:

1. **Vineyard and Wine Production:**
– Certified organic production with varieties of grape types.
– Historical importance in the production of the best wines of the Alto Douro.
– The Port wine quota adds legal value to the property – 8.5 hectares of vineyards. – Organically produced
– Wine production averages 30 barrels, about 16,500 liters, ranging from 10 to 45 barrels.
– Higher productivity before the vineyard goes organic, but higher grape prices after it goes organic.
– Until the 2015s, wine was produced on the farm but more recently, since the conversion to organic, the grapes are sold to Quinta dos Murças (neighbors) who produce organic wine.
– About 750 liters of wine (red, rosé, and port) are still produced at home for tourists and families of the owners.
– Port wine quota of about 25 barrels.
– Legal right to produce and sell Port wine or Port wine grapes for approximately 700 euros/barrel.
– You can sell the grapes for Port wine or sell the grapes for the current wine and sell the right to produce Port wine separately, which has been the practice for the last 3 years.
In several documents, including the economic description of the territory usually called Alto Douro, published in the 1780s, it was noted that the Douro area between the Covelinhas stream and the mouth of the Corgo river (in Régua) produced the best wines in the entire Alto Douro.

There are two main approaches to developing vineyards on the slopes of the Douro hillside:
Terraces and Vineyard to the Top.

In Terraces, vines are laid horizontally on terraces (one or two rows for a terrace) that require considerable earth movements and rock walls to support them.

In Vinhas ao Alto, the vines follow a vertical line from top to bottom, with less intense earth movements to remove or break rocks and stones.
Alto vineyards have higher yields because they allow more vines per ha. There is also a mine consisting of two tunnels, connected through a shaft inside the hill. The caves are an idyllic place to store wine bottles and barrels, (cellar) due to the constancy and low temperatures.

2. **Olive Trees and Olive Oil:**
– Certified organic production.
– Average production of 300 liters of olive oil.

3. **Tourist Accommodation:**
– Two urban properties, Casa Grande and Casa do Rio.
– Casa do Rio operates within the scope of Local Accommodation with Booking.com, generating a positive net profit.
– Plans to transform Casa do Rio into three apartments, potentially increasing revenue.

Property Overview:

1. **Split Areas:**
– Six plots with varying altitudes and exposures, providing coverage of climatic events.

2. **Urban Real Estate:**
– Casa Grande: Owners’ residence with potential for additional bedrooms. It has 390 m2 of area, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a living room, an entrance hall, a hallway, a kitchen, and a large terrace overlooking the river.
There are two more bedrooms in the attic, but access to the attic is closed (with ease for its reopening).
About 200 m2 of storage room/farm equipment/cellar at ground level that can be converted into 4 additional bedrooms supported by 2 bathrooms.
Lots of light and views of the Douro, the Covelinhas stream, and the village.

Casa do Rio: Currently a successful rental property with expansion plans. 250 m2 of area with a 2 bedroom apartment (upper floor), storage room and wine cellar (ground floor) and a 2-storey annex.
It received an award (2022), and the current rating stands at 9.4/10. It is almost always occupied between April and October with revenues of around 12 thousand euros/year. Terraces near Casa do Rio are used for fruit trees (oranges, figs, almonds) and vegetable gardens (potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, spinach, carrots, green peppers, pumpkins, melons, watermelons, strawberries, and many others).
A terrace for raising organic chickens, rabbits, guinea fowl, ducks, turkeys, sheep, etc.

3. **Chapel:**
– Adds cultural and historical value, used for community events.

4. **Transportation and Accessibility:**
– Proximity to a train station and a public dock for boats.
– Strategic location for river activities and cruise ship views.
– Vineyard Plots: The wine grapes of this Quinta are classified as class A and B, the highest possible categories!
Wine varieties such as Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca, and Tinta Roriz are produced at Quinta da Capela.

5. **Fontasto:**
– High productivity with irrigation potential.

6. **Pebble and Little Castles:**
– Largest vineyard, the only “vineyard at the top” with a possible copper mine.
– Consideration of possible glamping sites near the entrance to the mine.

7. **Grafts:**
– Biodiversity reserve with plans for beehives.

8. **Sleeper:**
– Category A vineyard in Covelinhas, attracting interest for development potential.

9. **Riverside and Chapel:**
– Grapes reserved for home winemaking, various fruit trees.

10. Pine Tree:**
– Attractive to neighbors for potential acquisition.

Surroundings and Activities:

1. **Location:**
– Easy access to monumental cities such as Peso da Régua, Lamego, and Vila Real.

2. **Trekking & Outdoor Activities:**
– Opportunities for trekking, biking, and exploring abandoned railways.

3. **Local Parties & Events:**
– Participation in village life and festivals.

4. **Restaurant:**
– The property is right in front of the famous restaurant ‘DOC’, run by Chef Rui Paula.

Nearby cities:

1. **Ruler Weight:**
– Shopping center with festivals, Port Wine Museum, and river cruises.

2. **Lamego:**
– Monumental City is known for its ham, meat bread, and popular September festival.

3. **Vila Real:**
– Administrative center, university town, close to wilderness areas.

4. **Pine Nut:**
– Picturesque town in the center of wine country.

5. **Well Pit:**
– Gateway to Foz Côa with ancient cave paintings.

6. **Port:**
– Portugal’s 2nd largest city is only 40 minutes away by car, and 2 hours by train, with the train station being 300 meters from the property.

All in all, the property’s diverse activities, historical significance, and strategic location make this property a unique and profitable investment. With future development plans, especially the transformation of Casa do Rio, they can further increase revenue from this property.

Bill Van Dusen

Real Estate Agent


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General Information

Building Name: Quinta da Capela

Property Type: Multi-Family, 2-4 Units

Year Built: 1950

Architectural Style: Rustic

Building Amenities: Detached Guest House

The total area of the lot. 39.54 ac.


Living Area: 6,889 sq. ft.

Number of bedrooms in the dwelling: 6

Full Bathrooms: 6

Fireplace: Fireplace Wood Burning


View: Fields, Hills, Panoramic, River, Trees/Woods, Valley, Vineyard, Water

Total Parking Spaces: 5